Good Government

  • A True Reflection of the Leadership Mindset

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    The unfolding events in Rivers state is a reflection of the warped mindset of the leadership at the  highest level of governance in Nigeria.

    Not surprisingly, mum is the word at this very important level of government. Why?

    Those in leadership positions are yet to imbibe the tenets of democracy.

    Indeed, a lot is wrong with the approach, template and structure of governance, even though deceit, lies, falsehood and depraved actions of those in government continue with impunity.

  • Awake to the Reality of the the Times

    DespeDesperation to continue the status quo- a period during which  Nigerians have over the years been deceived into perpetual political, economic  and social bondage-informs the insensitivity of the leadership[ at all levels of government.

    To this  extent, confusion, disagreement and rancor now characterize the relationship between the leadership, their cronies, proteges and fronts.

    Interestingly, millions of Nigerians have eventually woken up from their  deep slumber  and are now anxious to know what befell them.


  • Calls for Urgent Deliverance

    Govt 8The key elements of tyranny include, but are not limited to, insensitivity, brutality, random arrests, incarceration and unresolved cases of killings.

    Support New Federation

     Curiously, the prohibitive price of the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS) is already having multiple negative effects on the economy, even as Nigerians persist in their daily lamentations of the unbearable hardships that have been their lot in recent times.

    Indeed, governance on the platform of deformed democratic institutions attracts tyranny, which is not in tandem with the wishes and expectations of Nigerians.

    Interestingly, the people are yet to identify any conceivable reason for the policy direction of Those-in-Charge towards the worrisome and disturbing situation that called for urgent deliverance.

    The cost of living is on the rise on a daily basis and Those-in-Charge continue to appeal and cajole citizens to take their sufferings as sacrifices that must be made for the anti-people policies that are ravaging the land. 

    Self Preservation in the Midst of Evil

    These are very dangerous times in so many states in Nigeria, which have, long before now, become the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Indeed, the overlords in the states have succeeded in remodelling their domains into havens of all that defies morality and decency.

    Of worry is the increase in the cases of death revolving around drink and food poisoning, in addition to sexually transmitted diseases. All the afore mentioned are weapons of destruction by those obsessed with temporal power.

    Curiously, the services of migrants from other states are engaged to carry out the unthinkable and unbelievable. The only option now open to Nigerians is to adopt measures that would ensure self preservation in the midst of evil by Those-in-Charge.

  • Protecting Poor Nigerians from the Unpredictable Price Mechanism

    Nigeria's chronic budget deficit has brought about an unhindered increase in the national debt.

    Indeed, the multiple taxation by the government at all levels may now be too embarrassing for an economy that majorly revolves around the motive of personal gain.

    Without doubt, the redistribution of disposable income from the well-to-do to the indigent would increase the average propensity to consume, since the marginal propensity of the indigent to consume is higher than that of the well-to-do.

    Sadly, this approach is not in the thoughts of the government, although the budget deficit may have stimulated private investments.

    The government ought to cut down on expenditure on political office holders.

    However, in view of the fact that the economy is ailing, the government at all levels must be decisive and proactive in interventions in health, transport, electricity, unemployment, hunger and poverty.

    Of course, the protection of sectors such as education, health and agriculture which have direct bearing on the survival of citizens from unpredictable price mechanisms is desirable, but largely depends on the mindset of those in charge.

     Bad Eggs in Uniform The crime-friendly mindset and attitude of a number of those in law enforcement agencies in certain states, including Oyo, justifies the unabating lawlessness, criminality and violent crimes in the land. Curiously, the high levels of insecurity in Nigeria is partly due to unprofessional conduct and despicable acts of bad eggs in uniform.


  • Translating Acclaimed Potentials to Reality

    LootThis has resulted in the sidelining of critical sectors of the economy.
    Nigeria's quest for economic growth and national development, has overtime, been impeded by the absence of broad policy objectives and strategies for achieving the country's vision statement.

    Policy choices all the while have impacted negatively on the economy, which has brought about social and political instability, declining welfare and economic stagnation.
    Of worry is the long term effects of the huge debts of governments at all levels and the weak Naira on the economy.
    This is compounded by the challenges the perpetual absence of credible and focused leadership will bring in its stride.
    Indeed, the possibility of Nigeria translating its acclaimed potential to reality remains foggy, even as the government struggles to improve education and health systems to enhance human capital for development.
    Assets Declaration
    Transparency  in asset declaration is crucial to good governance.
    Political office holders at all levels ought to declare their assets before inauguration into office in a democracy.
    Sadly, the treasury at all levels of government was looted clandestinely, under the guise of ''it is our common wealth''.


  • When Nation Building takes the Back Seat

    NationNigerians will soon heave a sigh of relief, after eight years of tortuous regulation of their behaviors by those in power today.

    Indeed, participation in the decision making process during this period is a true reflection of democracy.

    Sadly, additional organizations have been established to further regulate the behavior of Nigerians and in the process ''dehydrate'' them financially.

    Political and career appointments in this administration exposed the fact that Nigeria is not a balanced federation revolving around the principles of justice, equity and fairness.

    The insensitive leadership facilitated the entrenchment of economic stagnation at all levels of government; closely followed by the political mariginalization of the other geo-political zones. Indeed, the policies of the apex people's unfriendly policies of the apex bank in the country, have overshadowed the loyalty and commitment of Nigerians to nation building.

    The Twilight Days

    It is so sad that in the twilight days of the present administration, terrorism, banditry, killings and other violent crimes are on the increase. Are these what Nigerians will remember the outgoing administration for? Probably not.


  • Oyo Gov should be Prayerful-Prof. Olagoke

    IndexRunning for and winning an office as a governor is an accomplishment to be proud of.

    More importantly, Nigeria’s democratic political sphere, for the first time in history, gave the mandate to the people,  through BVAS and INEC Servers, to perfect our voting exercise to have more credible or so reliable results to produce credible leaders in the government of the next political dispensation.

    However, the hackers' attempt was disturbing, while vote buying was at its worst practice despite the Naira redesign and cash crunch for the Nigerians making the winners, to look like beneficiaries of the highest syndrome.

    However, we need to congratulate the winners for peace to reign and the transition to be smooth for the emerging leaders to be able to perform in a conducive and peaceful environment. After all, those who feel cheated or unsatisfied with the results have the basic alternative to seeking redress in a court of law.


    For our Governor in Oyo State, I congratulate Engr. Seyi Makinde FNSE.  On behalf of myself as Mogaji Aare Alasa, Arole OgunElu Dynasty and the entire OgunElu Aare Alasa Dynasty, of which Aigbofa Compound among other 35 is your source, we congratulate your Excellency on your  second term bid success. The first Road of Oja'ba - Oranyan axis reconstructed by your Government and the Renovation of the First Central Mosque, Oja'ba, Ibadan endear all of us to  you and your Government. May your name never be soiled.


    Join LeadsLeap

    Every government is responsible to its people in the areas of food, clothing, and shelter. Unfortunately, this is the core around which everything else revolves. It is still a surprise that no Governor in Nigeria, past or present, has quite got this basic tenet of governance right. Only with improved income could people seek to build personal homes, however, when the government goes into schemes for people, the challenge of food and clothing would without much ado be surmounted.  Thus, my advice is that the governor take a cursory look into a low-cost housing scheme for civil servants and other people in society with regular incomes to procure. Work on the complaints of the people.


    In particular, I put forward the following for consideration:

    At the end of these second four years, what would you be noted for? The first has been known to cater to civil servants. What of other areas? Start with this end in mind. Go back in the history of the first four years, what area or sector was left unattended. Give them attention this time around. The focus should be on good government, not politics, which drains energy and time. Practice management by walking around. 

    Set performance goals, with high priority goals for local governments should be established.  Each head should set out how it and its agencies will accomplish the goal. This information should be available in the public domain.

    Employees more often than not have experience that can improve the administrative environment, but are rarely given the opportunity to air their opinions.

    Give greater attention to the current state of State Universities and Polytechnic Campuses; give them a suitable look and review their tuition to be affordable to all; attend to the gloomy state of our water works; provide standard road networks that are not coloured with political undertones.

    Pay attention to the poor state of major towns in Oyo state; rehabilitate our general hospitals and be fair to all the 33 local government areas of the state.

    The issue of a high sense of insecurity bedeviling the state is a call for concern and action.  


    As a religious leader who has observed Nigerian politics for some time, the most important advice I am going to give you is to be prayerful. Also, politics is local. I advise you to increase your local presence. 


    On a final note, do not perceive other political parties as arch enemies for peace to reign and accelerated development that will be sustainable and bequeathable to mark the era of Omituntun 2.0 as your second term Blessing.



    Alh. Engr. Prof. S. A. Olagoke JP

    Ajagun Esin of Oyo State

    Mogaji Aare Alasa, Arole OgunElu Dynasty

    Founder, Spiritual Head and Grand Imam

    Shafaudeen In Islam Worldwide.

  • Street Trading- The Need for Political Preservation


    Environmental pollution has become part and parcel of daily life in major cities in Nigeria as a result of the lack of political will by the appropriate authorities to enforce relevant laws.

    Street trading and hawking on the main road, road verges, medians, setbacks, drainages, pedestrian bridges and walkways have become permanent features in these cities, since those responsible for the menace are well wishers, supporters and loyalists of political office holders.

    Even though there are designated market locations, Those-in-Charge are very reluctant to wield the big stick because of the urgent need for political preservation. Indeed, pickpocketing thrives in these locations, as it has become a veritable source of income with the covert cooperation of commuters, transporters and law enforcement personnel.

    The free flow of human and vehicular traffic would continue to be hindered in these cities, if the political overlords today fail to facilitate not only the regulation of street trading and hawking, but the enforcement of relevant laws in this respect.

    Note- The conferment of national awards and prize giving have little or no impact on the citizenry, in the face of hunger, poverty, unemployment and insecurity. Those-in-Charge ought to leave behind legacies that would impact positively on impoverished Nigerians

  • Ignoring Urgent Internal Issues

    IlegalThe Powers-That-Be had, in the course of time, lamented that age was a limitation to the capacity to deliver the much expected dividends of democracy to millions of impoverished Nigerians.

    Indeed, in 1999, a presidential aspirant and a former Governor of Old Andambra state, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu had explained, stressed that no sacrifice was too much for national unity and progress.

    This was after the merger of the Alliance for Democracy(AD) and the All Peoples Party(APP). Almost eight years later, the APP changed its name to the All Nigeria Peoples Party(ANPP) after the merger with the United Nigeria Democratic Party(UNDP), Dr. Onu was elected the party's national chairman and three years later, the ANPP merged with four other political parties to form the All Progressives Congress(APC).

    Today, Dr. Onu, who by 2023 will be 72, remains the second presidential aspirant from the South East, after Dr. Alex Ekueweme of blessed memory, even though presently he is not a presidential candidate.

    Interestingly, the former Old Abia state Governor has been a consistent and busy political ally of the Commander-in-Chief, all these years.

    Of note, is the fact that Nigerians of the South East extraction have continued their agitation that Nigeria's next President must come from their geo-political zone, while the most prominent choice, to achieve this end, spends valuable time in the diaspora.

    This is obviously a source of discomfort for several Nigerians, who believe that such action is unfortunate, in the face of urgent internal issues that remain unattended to.

  • Wishful Thinking -A Good Government

    Good 1A good government ought to be able to muster enough strength to enforce obedience, in addition to carrying out the duties of governance efficiently.

    Justice, perhaps, will flourish when the people who are expected to obey the laws express their opinions on these laws.

    A rule of good government, revolves around the fact that aside from the State, nobody else should be equipped to secure obedience and conformity.

    In 1934, Austria was plunged into civil war, partly by the failure of its government to prevent political parties from recruiting armies.

    Political partiers are already recruting non-state actors.

    The prosperity of this country is under the overbearing influence of its natural resources, the politics of its neighbors and the conduct of those in government.

    Take note that the goodness of a Government depends on its fitness to solve the myriad of problems confronting it.

    Sadly, those in Government have set their personal advantage against and above that of the people, shown undeserved favor to particular groups and refused to permit the people to express their desires.

    The foregoing goes against the principles of good government.


    In Olorunsogo, Molete, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria, on Saturday, December 25, Kindergartens below 10 years old, who have been well tutored by their parents, led by one Joshua, a child of disabled white garment church owner(No. 1 Kehinde Aderibigbe street unpainted building by the junction, led his gang members to throw stones at an elderly occupant of 3, Kehinde Aderibigbe street, injuring him, after which they threw fireworks(banger) into his apartment, with the overt support of residents of the community.

    Criminals are trained by their parents

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