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Protecting Poor Nigerians from the Unpredictable Price Mechanism

Nigeria's chronic budget deficit has brought about an unhindered increase in the national debt.

Indeed, the multiple taxation by the government at all levels may now be too embarrassing for an economy that majorly revolves around the motive of personal gain.

Without doubt, the redistribution of disposable income from the well-to-do to the indigent would increase the average propensity to consume, since the marginal propensity of the indigent to consume is higher than that of the well-to-do.

Sadly, this approach is not in the thoughts of the government, although the budget deficit may have stimulated private investments.

The government ought to cut down on expenditure on political office holders.

However, in view of the fact that the economy is ailing, the government at all levels must be decisive and proactive in interventions in health, transport, electricity, unemployment, hunger and poverty.

Of course, the protection of sectors such as education, health and agriculture which have direct bearing on the survival of citizens from unpredictable price mechanisms is desirable, but largely depends on the mindset of those in charge.

 Bad Eggs in Uniform The crime-friendly mindset and attitude of a number of those in law enforcement agencies in certain states, including Oyo, justifies the unabating lawlessness, criminality and violent crimes in the land. Curiously, the high levels of insecurity in Nigeria is partly due to unprofessional conduct and despicable acts of bad eggs in uniform.



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