When Nation Building takes the Back Seat

NationNigerians will soon heave a sigh of relief, after eight years of tortuous regulation of their behaviors by those in power today.

Indeed, participation in the decision making process during this period is a true reflection of democracy.

Sadly, additional organizations have been established to further regulate the behavior of Nigerians and in the process ''dehydrate'' them financially.

Political and career appointments in this administration exposed the fact that Nigeria is not a balanced federation revolving around the principles of justice, equity and fairness.

The insensitive leadership facilitated the entrenchment of economic stagnation at all levels of government; closely followed by the political mariginalization of the other geo-political zones. Indeed, the policies of the apex people's unfriendly policies of the apex bank in the country, have overshadowed the loyalty and commitment of Nigerians to nation building.

The Twilight Days

It is so sad that in the twilight days of the present administration, terrorism, banditry, killings and other violent crimes are on the increase. Are these what Nigerians will remember the outgoing administration for? Probably not.



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