Loot 1

Translating Acclaimed Potentials to Reality

LootThis has resulted in the sidelining of critical sectors of the economy.
Nigeria's quest for economic growth and national development, has overtime, been impeded by the absence of broad policy objectives and strategies for achieving the country's vision statement.

Policy choices all the while have impacted negatively on the economy, which has brought about social and political instability, declining welfare and economic stagnation.
Of worry is the long term effects of the huge debts of governments at all levels and the weak Naira on the economy.
This is compounded by the challenges the perpetual absence of credible and focused leadership will bring in its stride.
Indeed, the possibility of Nigeria translating its acclaimed potential to reality remains foggy, even as the government struggles to improve education and health systems to enhance human capital for development.
Assets Declaration
Transparency  in asset declaration is crucial to good governance.
Political office holders at all levels ought to declare their assets before inauguration into office in a democracy.
Sadly, the treasury at all levels of government was looted clandestinely, under the guise of ''it is our common wealth''.



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