Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria

  • Reinstate Suspended President and others within 21 days or........-Concerned ASCSN members to its Leadership

    InjusticeConcerned members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN) have threatened to picket the association's national secretariat if its suspended President and other sacked workers are not reinstated within 21 days.
    This threat was handed down by the spokesman of the concerned members, Comrade Andrew Emelieze.
    ''We give the union and its secretariat a twenty-one-day ultimatum to settle all disputes surrounding the suspension of the President, Comrade Bola Audu as endorsed by the congress and reinstate him, and also reinstate the recently sacked union staff and halt further termination of employment in the union secretariat; else the congress shall be compelled to picket the national secretariat of ASCSN in Lagos and Abuja.''
    ''We also call on all members of ASCSN to stand up for the truth, September 29, 2021, the Secretary-General MUST GO or we should get ready to compel him to vacate through protest on or before September 29.' 2021. The Congress appeals to the Secretary-General not to plunge the union into further crisis before he retires.''
    ''Comrades, the expectation of members was that our union should stand by her President to the end until he was proven guilty by a competent court. The reverse is the case as the central working committee has been sponsored to discuss and approve his suspension while he was wrongly detained for fourteen days by NAPTIP. The President was never visited in detention by any ASCSN official neither did they make moves to ensure his welfare in detention nor allowed him a fair hearing before he was horribly suspended while still in detention. What the Secretary-General cannot forget is that the immediate past ASCSN President had a similar case but was never betrayed by ASCSN. 
    '' Comrades, as real owners of the union, we must ask why is the Secretary-General sacking workers to the extent that he will sack close to twenty staff in a month while he himself is seeking to work for more years after retirement? Why is Lawal refusing to retire from ASCSN? And why is he so desperate to continue to perpetuate himself in ASCSN?
    Why has he turned himself to the BOSS and manipulating us all? The SG is a paid secretary of the union and why has he hijacked the union?'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.

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  • Life has become Unbearable for Nigerians-Labor Leader

    Eco 1Life has become unbearable for millions of Nigerians as a result of government-induced hardships and difficulties.

    This assertion was made by the deputy chairperson of the Association of Senior Civil Servants(ASCSN), Comrade(Mrs) Tayo Adebanjo-Adesida.

    ''Life has become unbearable for Nigerians due to the removal of the petrol subsidy and other policies of the government. This removal without consulting stakeholders is a big mistake,'' Comrae Adebanjo-Adeisda stated.

    Similarly, a former chairman of the University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan branch and the Oyo state council of the Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP), Comrade Olusegun Sotiloye has blamed the disturbing situation across the country on the long silence of the government.

    ''The government has been silent for too long, and this has made the situation degenerate. As things stand now, there is no hope. Patients are finding it extremely difficult to visit the hospital due to the high cost of petrol. The volume of patients has reduced drastically. It is a tough period for everybody and the increase in salaries is a drop in the ocean, '' Comrade Sotiloye noted.

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  • Human Trafficking-Former Oyo TUC chairman Hails Judgment Vindicating Embattled ASCSN President of Human Trafficking

    A former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC), Comrade Andrew Emelieze has hailed the High Court judgment that vindicated the embattled president of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN), Bola Audu for human trafficking.
    Comrade Emelieze gave the commendation in a statement.
    ''The Judiciary remains the last resort of the common Nigerian. The high court's judgment has vindicated Bola Audu of human trafficking. This is a welcome development.
    After over two years of trial, the court has finally declared that Comrade Bola Innocent Audu is truly innocent in the alleged case of human trafficking . Comrade Bola Audu, a staff of the Accountant General of the Federation, and also the National President of the Association of Senior Civil servants of Nigeria, (ASCSN), who also doubles as the National Vice President of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) was arraigned alongside three other civil servants for human trafficking. We are full of joy to hear of the victory of Bola Audu,'' Comrade Emelieze concluded.


  • ASCSN's Accounts Should be Scrutinized-Concerned Members

    Members of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria in Oyo state have called on relevant authorities to look into the financial records of the association.

    The members made this call in a press statement.

    ''We have reported their conduct to the Inspector General of Police who has promptly directed investigations by FCID, Alagbon Lagos on the matter.The fact of the matter is that, Mr. Alade Bashir Lawal and his partners were reported to the police for suspected fraud of monumental proportion and mismanagement of the union’s finance and resources. On the basis of the complaint the Inspector General of Police directed the Force CID to investigate the criminal allegations and the petition by the union’s President, Comrade Innocent Bola-Audu.The Commissioner of Police Lagos was also directed by the IGP to provide security in the Secretariat to ensure no breakdown of law and order, and in order to prevent the suspects in the case from tampering with evidence materials that may be needed in police investigations. The Union is bleeding and needs immediate resuscitation to survive, because a massive damage has been done to its resources, assets and manpower.Therefore, there is work to be done. As, you may already be aware that some arrests were made in the Union by Federal Criminal Investigation Department (FCID) of the Nigeria Police, Alagbon Lagos on the orders of the Inspector-General of Police on Thursday August 4, 2022,'' the statement concluded.

  • We Shall Vote Out Corrupt Politicians in 2019-Oyo Workers

    Nigerian workers have been called upon to vote out corrupt and anti-people political office holders in the 2019 general elections.

    This call was made by the Chairman of the Oyo state chapter of the  Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria(ASCSN), Comrade Babatunde Balogun, at a News Conference in Ibadan, Nigeria.


    ''We will use the 2019 general elections to turn this dismal record around, by voting out the corrupt and anti-masses government in Nigeria at all levels to have a government of our own. Our stand on this is that the nation's expensive Democracy, natural, human and hard earned resources is only serving the interest of the ruling elite who are less than five percent of Nigeria's population, this has placed the plight of the working class and the masses in general on deaf ears.''


    Comrade Balogun lamented that those who could afford to spend money were now in control of governance in the country, saying'' the commercialization of nomination forms at the huge amount to aspirants, aspiring to serve the people by political parties is also an indication that our Democracy or ruler ship in Nigeria is for the highest bidder who in return will be coming into office to recover his investment through profit maximization.''


    ''This ugly situation with the nation's political system means that the political space would be monopolized by only the big boys in the business of looting, who rather than come into office to meet the constitutional social contract of providing basic amenities, pay its workforce handsomely and protect life and property of the electorate, will use the office to accumulate wealth, deny the people of their rights and further plunge the nation into a deeper state of hopelessness.''