Life has become Unbearable for Nigerians-Labor Leader

Eco 1Life has become unbearable for millions of Nigerians as a result of government-induced hardships and difficulties.

This assertion was made by the deputy chairperson of the Association of Senior Civil Servants(ASCSN), Comrade(Mrs) Tayo Adebanjo-Adesida.

''Life has become unbearable for Nigerians due to the removal of the petrol subsidy and other policies of the government. This removal without consulting stakeholders is a big mistake,'' Comrae Adebanjo-Adeisda stated.

Similarly, a former chairman of the University College Hospital(UCH)Ibadan branch and the Oyo state council of the Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP), Comrade Olusegun Sotiloye has blamed the disturbing situation across the country on the long silence of the government.

''The government has been silent for too long, and this has made the situation degenerate. As things stand now, there is no hope. Patients are finding it extremely difficult to visit the hospital due to the high cost of petrol. The volume of patients has reduced drastically. It is a tough period for everybody and the increase in salaries is a drop in the ocean, '' Comrade Sotiloye noted.

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