The Learning Process

Learning 1Education revolves around persons, society, things and ideas. It is majorly concerned with the individual in his or her social, physical and spiritual environment.
In teaching and learning, the above mentioned play significant roles in the molding of a person's character.

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The mindset of those who take up the responsibility of teaching goes a long way in shaping the education of learners.
In addition, the quality and direction of the work of those who are involved in teaching is hinged on their spiritual and moral environment.

Sadly, nobody knows how the present crop of teachers were recruited into government service in a number of states.
It is not possible to brainwash the entire population. Perhaps.

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Threats to kill and other  uncouth words is now common among young and old Nigerians, who express this evil intentions in their native languages.

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This is very strange, as ritual killings continue unabated in different parts of the country.
This development has to do with the mindset of the  leadership, teachers and learners.
The suggestion is that those who ought to impart knowledge and those who ought to learn aspire to take up heinous, grievous and violent crimes as means to ends.

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