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Learning from Living Examples

Leadership 9Nigerians have persistently failed to learn from history.
There are a number of living examples who attained higher heights through the efforts of others. And in the process of consolidation, side tracked all those who were responsible for their ascendency.

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The living examples have now become part of history.
Sadly, the present occupiers of the higher heights have continually introduced artificial crises to justify  the billions of Naira that have been frittered away under the guise of securing lives and property, on a monthly basis.

-Legalizing Crime and Criminality
Contracts  for the supply of vehicles were facilitated without due process, while such vehicles are not worth the value attached to them. Who are the contractors?                                                               Profit from this
The poor state of infrastructure, particularly roads, contradicts the humongous amount reported to have been committed to fixing the roads. In addition, hunger, poverty and the high rate of unemployment are now policies the government at all levels apply in governance.

-Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality
Several shuttles abroad are yet to attract meaningful development. However, such trips have depleted the dwindling funds in the treasuries at all levels of government.
Indeed, questionable spending and bloated figures on contracts awarded litter balance sheets, just as the high debt profile has now become a source of concern and worry for all and sundry.

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