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The Right to Private Life by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

Prof.Human beings are highly unpredictable. This is why the Yoruba submitted that even though the stomach is covered with light and thins skin, there is no way you can through it fish out a diabolical worm.

Another saying infers that you may consider the nose with its sense of smell uniqueness, but it usually fails to detect killer friends.

The Right to Private Life, therefore, becomes an issue on whether to be guaranteed fully or partially , or not to be guaranteed.

Private life is personal to an individual and is quite different from public or professional life.

Generall7y, the Right to Private Life is considered to be violated by States when it interferes or penalizes or prohibit actions which essentially only concern the individual.


In the civil service or public working places, the Central Administration takes the custody of the files of individual workers with such protection as not to allow other workers to have access because the bio metric will encompass the right of protection of a person’s intimacy, identity, name, gender and other related information that are personal to the person.

The Right to Private Life is covered by five basic human rights charters.

Right to Life and Liberty.

Right to Freedom from Torture.

Freedom of Opinion and Expression.

Right to Privacy.

Right to Equal Treatment.

The Right to Private and Family life, therefore, protect persons against arbitrary or unlawful interference with their privacy, family, home, correspondence, telephone conversations and other forms of communication.

The Right to Private life also guarantees the protection of an individual’s honor and reputation. Any undue interference by public authorities can only occur based on the law.

It is only in an uncivilized nation that the law enforcement agencies intrude into private lives of citizens in the night or at anytime, to probably rope in their victims with false claims.

The only panacea to ope rationalize the Right to Private Life, is for it to be domesticated from the international instruments and ensure that functional education is properly funded and guided.It is then everybody, irrespective of their social classes would be able to view himself or herself as equal before the law.

When Nigeria was about to commence democratic rule, several international organizations warned that the country’s leaders must establish the respect for the Fundamental Human Rights of the people.

This was considered a prerequisite for the creation of an enabling environment for democracy to thrive.

The country can still maneuver to to achieve the above mentioned.

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Prof. Sabitu Olagoke The Right to Private Life Fundamental Human Rights