2022 Prediction by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke


The year 2022 shall witness and people shall experience the following drawbacks which must be prayed against and worked on to save the Nation from harsh effects of:

→ Ravaged economy

Political cross-carpeting

→ Tides against education

+ Challenges of religious sanctity collapse and structural disintegration + Security beef up need along some porous borders + Sports wavy performance and deeming image for Nigeria stars

On accidents or disaster:

Aviation would face some challenges — Rife in road accidents and bridge collapse

- Needs to pray against fire disaster in the Oil industry

→ Covid 19 new wave dimension shall be on for some months but cleansing solution shall be

effective towards the end of Year for normal life situation of sanitized environment to be restored and sustained.



→ Pray against policy fiery on the economy

→ Pray against a sudden collapse of one of the political parties

→ Collapse in the education sector shall create jittery experience

→ Religion dandruff shall peel off

→ Porosity in security network shall aggravate fear

→ Sports management porosity shall be experienced 

+ On accidents/disasters:

- Pray against accidents in the Aviation sector

- Be rightly guided against avoidable road accidents + Covid-10 Omicron variant shall be actively on in this month.


Efforts to revive economy shall be rife + Political saboteurs shall run into trouble + Revival efforts for education shall be on

+ Fraud in some houses of God shall be exposed + Month of security consciousness

+ Efforts to revive sports shall be on in this month + Need to avoid careless driving to avoid accidents must be sensitized

→ Pray against pirate operations on the waterways 

+ Need to be safety conscious at home and work place to avoid fire disaster

→ More effective vaccine may be developed against Covid 19 Omicron variant.

MARCH 2022

- Economy revival process shall be rise — An Oba in political involvement shall attract mob action

+ Education shall be visited for a boost

+ Festival season shall face-lift religion

→ Security network shall catch on a big time hoodlum + Sports on trial test in this month

+ Pray against waterways accidents and work on how best to avoid building collapse under construction.

+ The search for effective remedy to prevent epidemic spread  or outbreak of another disease shall take place.

APRIL, 2022

Relief for people through economic boost shall be experienced

 + Dividend from political activities shall be on + Education shall receive a boost

 → Disappointment in religion shall be experienced even by adherents

 → Prowess in security networking activities shall be recorded

Revival efforts for sports shall be rife + Pray and work to avoid fire disaster in road accidents due to over speeding → Pray against bush fire that may affect Agricultural boost → Hope for solution seems to be in sight on Covid 19 Omicron variant

MAY 2022                                                                                               Read-Legalizing Crime and Criminality

→ The Nation shall realize boost in the economy 

→ Pray against a sudden death of a political juggernaut in our political circle 

→ Revival efforts on Education shall be rife 

+ Only few adherents shall triumph in the religion sector 

+ On security network, there shall be active search for hoodlum → Sports revival dividend shall be realized in this month → We need to pray and work against accidents in the Aviation sector and Oil splash

through road accidents at least, a Petrol Tanker 

Timely intervention shall be needed to avoid fire disaster 

 Solution/effective remedy is already on with search for sustained state of disease control

and clean environment.

JUNE 2022

Favorable month for economic impact on the people 

+ Politicians must work against dirty and shameful clashes 

+ Sanitation in Education shall be needed in this month 

→ Some religious leaders with dubious character shall be net into the trouble of the law

enforcement agents + This is favorable month for Sports preparation + Security alert in this surveillance period shall be on + There shall be repair and renovation need in the Aviation sector while people must be

security conscious on the road. → People panic for safety and solution (Covid 19 Omicron variant) seems to be in sight

through sensitization on hygiene protocol observation as a way of healthy living.

JULY 2022                                                         Read-Landlords and Tenants Associations, Crime and Criminality

→ Loss of goodwill in politics due to power wrestle without control → Remnants due to paucity of funds and management in the Education sector shall be


 → Diabolical activities in the Religious sector shall attract attention of the people for


→ Pray against loss of grip by the Security outfit on the hoodlum that may throw people

into disarray 

→ Renovation need of structures in the Sports sector shall be necessary

 → There shall be focus on the safety and security need in the Aviation sector + Pray against fire disaster + Cleansing period seems to be over with heightened hope for sustainable clean environment.

 AUGUST 2022

+ Favorable month of planting season for farmers to boost the economy → Political fisticuffs that may lead to the death of a political big wig must be worked on to

be avoided → Innovation in the Education sector shall be experienced → Pray against deeming image of Nigeria sports sprinters → Pray against road accidents that may be caused due to carelessness and loosened

packaging → Pray against fire disaster in the house or workplaces → Effective cleansing brings hope on the allayed fear of Covid 19 Omicron variant upsurge.

                                                                                  -Law Enforcement: The Reactionary Approach


→ Favorable month for economic boost + Avoid political imbroglio which may lead to party collapse and loss of lives → Favorable month for cabinet reshuffle in the Education sector → Fraudulent act in Religious sector need to be checked + Successful venture in the security work on some hoodlum → Rising hope on Nigerian sports → There shall be repair and renovation work in the Aviation sector → Relief from effective epidemic cleansing to be felt by all.


→ Economy buoyancy without impact on the people shall be experienced → Some politicians shall fall by the way side + Revival efforts on Education shall be on → Revival efforts for the lost glory of the sacredness of religion shall be rife + There shall be boost on security outfit. New stars in Sports shall emerge (talent

discovery dividend) → Pray against Petrol Tanker Fire Disaster → Relief from Covid 19 fear dawns on people and felt by all.


“ There shall be wastage of the Economy through the usual fraud by conduit pipe

syndrome or pipeline’ leakages > Power wrestling in politics shall be rife

Education Reform shall be feasible and visible — Avoid the ploy of Satan in the Religious sector not to get into trouble + Avoid security network passivity and decay, not to go into sabotage

Avoid aircraft accident by ensuring all safety protocols are followed + Avoid road congestion by ensuring vehicle road worthiness + Avoid overloading on the waterways to avoid accidents + Avoid gas explosion by ensuring safety regulatory measures

Total relief on Covid 19 Omicron variant shall be achieved but hygiene protocol must be observed after achieved cleansing.

                                                                                                                 -Government Workers-A Subject of Debate


→ Government must regulate spending and fund generation to avoid shambled economy → Backsliding in politics may lead to unstable politicking + Dividend of Education Reform shall begin to yield fruit → Pray that a big time name in Religion does not die → Month of good outing for security networks + Favorable month for sports activities with accompanying freedoms → There shall be repair need on the Aircraft in the Aviation sector to avoid accident → Road repair and maintenance including drainage essence are necessary sites for ease of

transportation in this month → Avoid waterway accident due to bridge/culvert collapse → Be safety conscious to avoid fire disaster → New lease of life for people with sustained observation of necessary and normal hygiene protocol.


Divine revelations are predictive for proactive measures in Management and Administration. Therefore, rebranding for proper socialization, correct cultural and ethical value, orientation for promotion of integrity and discipline for all, must be put in place, to allow divine intervention in revamping our economy to promote healthy and stable polity, as well as principle of equity. Good governance is a function of Godly leadership (Q38 vs. 26) and bad governance is a dividend of bad leadership (Daniel 5 vs. 25–28). Therefore, the essence of this revelation is for the political class to imbibe the culture of tolerance and focus on the issue of welfare importance. The religious sector must therefore imbibe the culture of religious harmony to promote peace and be more dedicated to the cause of discipline, love and culture of patriotism to move the Nation forward.

With these, we may avoid stalemate to save our Democracy.




Nigeria Prof. Sabitu Olagoke 2022 Prediction