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The Cosmetic Process of Democracy


The deepening sufferings and hadrships in Nigeria are a fall out of the greed, self-centered intents and the lack of know how of those opportuned to be controllers at every level of government.
Desolation of the polity has set in, with political entrepreneurs maintaining their beneficiary status, even though the outlook is very bleak.
Sadly, those who Nigerians eexpect to keep Those-in-Authority on their toes, have over-timme,  contributed positively to the anti-people policies of the government under the cover of darkness.
Indeed, their public statements and declarations are bereft of sincerity and sensitivity.
Not surprisingly, the masses no longer rely on the labor movement, which in the past was the last resort of defence against evil.
It was not until the tail end of the Naira scarcity imbroglio, that labor decided to wake up to its deep slumber by acting out a written script.
Events in Nigeria(unfolding) have  proven and will prove that the peace and unity of any country revolves around the character of its people and to a lesser extent, the form of government it adopts.
Since the body language of Those-in-Authority is not indicative of the discipline of desire which is the background of character, the imperatives of self-sustenance and material wellbeing of Nigerians have been overwhelmed by a cosmetic process of democratic despotism at every level of government.

The Sudden Realization
Celebrations of victory have continued in the closets of those who are conversant with what transpired in a number of states before, during, and after the elections, while the streets remain indifferent and non-chalant as a result of the sudden realization that things are not the way they are pushing them to be.


Nigeria Democracy