Eze(Dr.)Alex Anozie

  • Non-Indigenes Sympathize with BCOS on Fire Incident

    Untitled 1Non Indigenes in Oyo state have sympathized with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state(BCOS) over the fire incident that occurred on Wednesday.

    Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie made this known in a chat with People

    On behalf of myself, my company-Conac Optical NigerIa Limited and Nidgbo in Ibadan and Oyo state, I sympathize with the state government and the management and staff of the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo state(BCOS) over the fire incident that occured yesterday, Wednesday 19th April, 2023.

    We pray that such this will never happen again. And that God should give them the courage to embark on a very quick replacement of all damaged equipment and carry out all the necessary repairs and even modernize the establishment.
    May I use this opportunity to encourage the electricity distribution companies to do everything possible to minimize these worrisome electricity surge-induced occurrences that have always exposed the public to great danger?
    The fire services should also improve.

    They are doing well, but they can still do better, by making sure they get to fire incidents very quickly.
    Finally,  we really thank  God that no life was lost.

    Eze(Dr.) Anozie is the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state. He is also the chairman of the Association of Non-Indigenes in Oyo  state


  • 2023-Igbos are expecting to hear from us-Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie

    AnozieFor some time, now a number of faceless individuals have been parading themselves as the leaders of Igbos in Ibadan and Oyo state for self-centered reasons. In light of the worrisome development of the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie warns Nigerians to be wary of such individuals.

    Excerpt: Any individual or group who allows himself/themselves to be deceived by some people is/ are on their own. Everyone knows the genuine leader of the Igbos in Oyo state. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows the authentic leadership of the Igbos in Oyo state, and I Eze(Dr.) Chukwudum Alex Anozie, the Eze Ndigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, and the Ohaneze/Igbo Community Development Association(ICDA) ably led by the President, Chief Emma Nididi Nzeako, we are the true leadership in Ibadan and Oyo state. God has confirmed this, Ndigbo who chose us has confirmed this, and the courts also confirmed this, so anybody or group who allows himself/themselves to be deceived by anybody is on his own because politics has come up again. This is an electioneering dispensation. Mushroom groupings are springing up. After the elections, you will not hear them again. Igbos are expecting to hear from us the leadership on the way forward.

  • The President Nigeria Needs by Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie

    Eze 3I want to encourage our people, South Easterners, to continue in their prayers trusting God, because I can see God's hands at work trying to use a personality from the South East to deliver and secure Nigeria.

    To use a personality from the South East as a messiah like God used Moses in the Bible.

    And I can see a lot of good things, positive things beginning to happen when that person gets into the position of President, and I am very happy because that person is a person of integrity, and he respects everyone from the North, everyone from the South.

    I have never heard him using any foul or abusive language on any personality.
    That scores him very high, gives him very high marks in my own assessment. I hail him for that.

    I don't like the way, for whatever reasons, anybody is using abusive language on anybody, it is not good for our politics, it is not good for our country, Nigeria, because that is how war started in many African countries.

    Throw me, I throw you.  We must not fight another war in Nigeria.

    But I am appealing to everyone to stop using abusive words against anybody, just make your point that would be contributing to the peace of the country.

    All the presidential candidates contesting are good materials, but so many things would have to be put into consideration.

    Leadership 13

    One, conscientiously putting our conscience into use, let us ask ourselves the question as people who fear God and worship God among all the contestants, who among them can be chosen, and the question becomes balanced as we are searching for the peace and unity of the country.

    If truly we are searching for not only peace and unity, but also progress. Among them, we know those of them, who come from the zone that has produced the President for several years in the past and present, and also those among them from the side where the presidency has not gotten to them for once.

    That is one of the criteria I am looking at, then the age of each one of them, knowing our country Nigeria as a country that is so large and the challenges of Nigeria are numerous and needs somebody who is younger and agile.

    Then, I want to plead with all Nigerians not only Igbos, to look at the whole issue critically-justice, equity and fairness because when in a family you have 3, 4, 5 or 6 children, all must benefit, others have benefited, or a particular section has benefited, then when it is supposed to be the turn of another section, everybody jumps in, including those who have benefited, it is not the best for the country.

    It is like a situation where we are three in a family and in the plate of soup we are eating from, there are three pieces of meat and one person takes one, another takes the second meat and the third meat is left for the last person, but instead of allowing the third person to take it, the others scramble for it.

    There is no fairness in that, there is no justice in that. But if the three pieces of meat are shared equally among the three persons, this would contribute greatly to the growth, peace and unity of the nation.

    So, the last person should be allowed to take the third meat, that is the essence of been Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists, we all believe in God. Had it been in the particular family in question, one of them is not qualified, that would be a different matter entirely. Thank God, someone has sprung up in the South East, who is over qualified in all ramifications.

    So, I appeal to Nigerians to look at the issue with conscience and the fear of God.

    Finally, I appeal to everyone to cease from using abusive words against each other, it is not the best for the country. Let's apply the live and let's live approach and the country will enjoy, peace, unity and more progress.

    Let everybody remember what I said earlier on that all the candidates are good materials, so this very one coming from the South East is a good material and younger. So to me, the law of justice and equity favors him more.

    Eze( Dr.) Anozie is the Ezeigbo, Ezechukwujiegosioluebube nala,Ibadan and Oyo state and Chairman Non-indigenous Traditional Heads, Oyo state


    Eze 2So many weathered it all and joined I and my family in my country home, Igboukwu in Anambra state,Nigeria, where my late wife was laid to rest on the 28th of July, 2022. So, many again joined me and my family in the outing service on Sunday, 14th of August, 2022 in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. God proved once more that He is God. He blessed the whole occasion with good weather, security and journey mercies to everyone who attended the occasion. God bless well-wishers, admirers and friends who joined us physically, financially and prayerfully. My whole family and I are very grateful.


    Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie(Ezeigbo, Ezechukwujiegosioluebube nala,Ibadan and Oyo state. Chairman Non-indigenous Traditional Heads, Oyo state

  • Be at Peace with your Neighbors-Eze(Dr.)Anozie

    Eze 1Igbos across Nigeria have been called upon to be at peace with their neighbors. 

    This call was made on Sunday by His Royal Highness Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie(Ezeigbo, Ezxechukwujiegosioluebube nala), in a reception organized in honor of his late wife, Queen Besty Afulenu Anozie in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria,

    ''My special appeal is for all of us to continue to live in peace with our neighbors. Continue to live in peace and God will bless you in Jesus' name. Amen. We are law-abiding people, we follow the rule of law. Let us continue to honor God and God will bless all of us in Jesus' name. Amen, Eze(Dr.)Anozie prayed.

  • Glorious Home Call

    Queen besty 2A statement signed by HRH Eze(Dr.) Alex Anozie(Ezeigbo, Ezxechukwujiegosioluebube nala, Ibadan and Oyo state) disclosed that she slept in the Lord on the 7th April, 2022 at the University College Hospital(UCH),Ibadan, after a brief illness, while noting that ''My joy is that her soul is already resting in the bossom of the Almighty God, for everlasting.''

  • My Support for Government has gone beyond Politics and Self-Interest -Eze(Dr.)Anozie

    EzeA cross-section of Igbos in Oyo state have picked holes in the comments credited to the Ezendigbo of Ibadan and Oyo state, Eze(Dr. Alex Anozie. Eze(Dr.) Anozie had in an interview with a monthly local tabloid described the Oyo state Governor as a progressive-minded Governor and among other views including the appointment of  Igbos into political offices by the present administration in Oyo state among related issues. In this interview with People,  the Igbo leader insists that his support for the government goes beyond politics and self-centered interests.
    Excerpts :

    What is your reaction to the reservation expressed by a cross-section of Igbos in Oyo state on your comments revolving around the present administration in Oyo state?

    My response to their reservations as the leader of my people in Ibadan and Oyo state is that any government that comes to power and was duly sworn in accordance with the law must get our support, particularly when that government is doing well.
    We can also criticize and advise maturely when the government is not doing well. So when the All Progressives Congress(APC) was in government in the state, to be sincere to ourselves, they tried, they did not leave the state the way they met it, they improved on the previous government's performance. The Governor then,  late Senator Abiola Ajimobi, may his soul rest in perfect peace, may have had his own fault as a human being, as it is only God that is perfect in everything He does. But he performed, so it is now the turn of the present government under Governor Seyi Makinde. The present administration came in democratically and was duly sworn in accordance with the law, so we must support them because we are law-abiding people living in the state. 

    Self 5
    When we identify that there are shortcomings, we will surely give mature advice, all for the benefit of the peace, progress, and development of our pacesetter state, Oyo state.
    Whatever the number of years that God says the administration will spend in the office, we shall support it, the number of years as stipulated and allowed by the constitution, two terms.  And when this administration finishes and another one comes in democratically and duly sworn in, we are going to support them again. You see, one thing with me is that I so much believe in due process. This is the only way that we can make progress for peace and harmony in the state. So anyone saying anything outside this that I have stated is on his own.

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