Man and Tax by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

Prof.The prophetic statement of Jesus Christ that we should give onto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and onto God what belongs to God. This is a very convincing explanation of the concept of tax.
In the religious circles, although grossly abused when accrued wealth from tax is not directed towards the development of the entire system of the contributors, but rather into the pockets of the founder.
The concept of tax could be described as a compulsory contribution levied upon persons, property, or business for the support of the government as an important source for Internally Generated Revenue(IGR) to be able to meet up with the major objectives and focus of the prepared budget to run the vital administrative and management demand of governance.
It is imperative for all and sundry to ensure they carry out their civic responsibilities to ensure that the government is not short of funds to provide the basic needs of the people.

Tax 1
In the same vein, if the government fails to provide for the people, there would be reactionary activities by the people.
A comparative analysis of the developed world and Africa exposes the lukewarm attitude of the people in the payment of taxes to the government. This is due to the endemic corruption which has characterized governance in Africa.
The issue of corruption, therefore,  must be tackled by every available means to create space for good governance and development.
Taxes that are paid in an environment of transparency and accountability will meet up with the trust of the people to willingly get set to pay their dues or taxes without compulsion, threats, or intimidation.

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Tax Prof. Sabitu Olagoke