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Prof sabitu olagoke 1For every prophecy is limited by time(for its manifestation), and soon shall ye know it(Q.6 : 67). For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one little will by no means pass from the law(prophecy) till all is fulfilled.(Matthew 5 : 18)


The 2019 elections would come up after some structural adjustment for effective feasibility.

Against all odds, winners would emerge. The All Progressives Congress(APC) as a party would have some threats and surprises but election would tend to favour the incumbent President.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)on the other hand, would create scene of disappointment for its Presidential candidate.

2019 shall be characterized by the following feature of events :

  • Year of problematic challenges and reconstruction for re positioning.
  • Favorable year of economic revival.
  • Ne face for education management.
  • Boost on security enhancement.
  • Bad year for religious revival.
  • Favorable year for sports.
  • Safety consciousness to avert road accidents.

Year 2019 Spiritual Exploration and Predictions

Month By Month Events

January, 2019

  • Busy month for finishing touches on some projects, lie education, economy, security and sports.
  • Political Parties reconstruction period.
  • Some religious bodies shall be busy on shady deal perfection and cover up.

February, 2019

  • Favorable month to boost education, economy, security and sports.
  • Be safety conscious top avoid road accidents and fire out break.
  • Pray against political stalemate and heated polity.

March, 2019

  • Pray against a situation of mass drift of people from a part of the country to the other. Work for peace and tighten security.
  • Avoid poor performance in sports.
  • Be safety conscious to avoid fire out break.

April, 2019 

Favorable month for agricultural cultivation for the dividend of democracy with boost from education and economy.

  • Pray against sudden death of two prominent religious leaders.
  • Possible success in the security sector, but they need to beware of the resurgence of insurgency.
  • Possible need to overhaul the sports house to flush out the bad eggs.
  • Avoid fir outbreak and be safety conscious.

May, 2019

  • Favorable month for peoples’ relief on economic revival, security success, sporting and political activities.

June, 2019

  • Searchlight shall be on areas of weaknesses for possible reconstruction and re positioning on education, economy and security.
  • Pray against calamities in the house of God.
  • Pray against fire outbreak, road and air accidents.
  • Road rehabilitation work shall be rife in this month.

July, 2019

  • Favorable month for the energy sector, education, economy, sports, security and politics.
  • Pray for the nation on growth and development.
  • Pray for the religious sector not to suffer set back.

August, 2019

  • Favorable performance in the area ofof education, economy, security and sports.
  • Pray against tides in the houses of God.
  • Pray against accidents on the road and fire outbreak.

September, 2019

  • Cleansing exercise shall be rife this month.
  • There shall be success in the areas of education, economy, security.
  • Pray for politics and sports succor for people’s relief.

October, 2019

  • Month for reconstruction in the affected areas of our socio-economy and security.
  • Pray agaisnt tides in the houses of God.
  • Pray against religious conflicts.

November. 2019

  • Unity of purpose shall be addressed in this month.
  • Favorable month to boost the economy and security.
  • Pray against tides in one of the prominent churches in the country.
  • Government may carry out reshuffling exercises.
  • Pay against air mishap.

December, 2019

  • Favorable month for people’s relief in the areas of economy, education and political activities.
  • There will be cleaning need in religious activities to support the society on sanity and discipline.
  • Pray against fire outbreak and vehicles’ breakdown occurrences on the roads.


Re branding for proper socialization and correct cultural, value, orientation for promotion of integrity and discipline for all, must be put in place, to allow divine intervention to revamp our economy, promote health and stable policy as well as principle of equity.

Good governance is a function of Godly leadership, therefore the essence of this revelation is for the political class to imbibe the spirit of religious harmony to promote peace and be more dedicated to service of God to save the nation through their prayers, while all Nigerians must uphold discipline, love and culture of patriotism to move the nation forward. With these,we may avoid stalemate to save our democracy.

Rasool, Shafau, Imitizaaala


Alhaji Engr. Prof. S.A Olagoke


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