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The Courts and Obedience of its Orders

DisIn this clime, a court ruling no matter how illegal it is remains a court order.
However, for a court order to be obeyed, the court issuing such an order must have the competence to issue the same.
Judgments emanating from courts in Nigeria have over time precipitated rather than solving problems.
A commonplace is moving from one jurisdiction to shopping for a convenient jurisdiction where to obtain an order for sinister purposes.
Most of the time the powers that be consent to such illegalities, while the police play out the scripts of the Executive.
Officials of the Judiciary are helpless since their survival, these days, depends on the designs of the Executive, even as the Legislature vigorously pursue self-driven interests.
The obedience of court order in this dispensation is selective and largely depends on the mindset of the power that is at different points in time.
This has no doubt tainted the image of the leadership at all levels to the extent that credit is no longer synonymous with good governance.
The courts are now a scourge to Nigerians as hopes give way to despair. 


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