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Seeking Foreign Direct Investment

Lead 1Lawlessness is now the way of life in Nigeria, due to the lingering poverty and hunger in the land.
A review of the economy and security architecture will unravel the untold story, only if a transparent probe is conducted in the days to come.
A number of the crises in the last eight years have generated revenue for a few pockets, with millions of Nigerians always contending with the sufferings and hardships during such crises.
Indeed, the interests of Nigerians have been undermined or destabilized based on ethnic, religious and gender considerations.
Sadly,  the political leaders in the states, have failed to convincingly ensure a conducive environment, but are in the nick of time, seeking direct investment.
Investors can only develop confidence in the economy when there is regular electricity supply, free flow of potable water, good and motorable roads, security of lives and property, skilled and trained power and favorable incentives for startups.


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