Hard 1

PMS-Save Poor Nigerians from Hardships

Hard 2The body language of the helmsmen at all levels of government indicates nonchalance on their part in governance, deceit, and insensitivity to the plight of the less privileged.
Indeed, Those-in-Charge is only interested in their own selfish interests and convenience, while feigning ignorance about the predicament of the poor, the sick, the aged, the youth, and above all, the absence of basic amenities.
Of worry is the fact that The-Powers-That-Be now engage in scare  strategy to justify the removal of the subsidy on the Premium Motor Spirit(PMS),
Even though that those who are proud owners of refining companies across the world are well known.

Nigerians now seek to know what the Gross Domestic Product(GDP), the standard of living, and the wage system are, in comparison with the present cost of the PMS.
To millions of Nigerians, the subsidy is a contrived deception that exists only in the imagination of its creators.
Indeed, the removal of the subsidy without stabilizing the exchange rate shall yield no result.
A responsible and responsive leadership ought to put in place specific ''absorbers'' and measures before the planned removal to save poor Nigerians from avoidable hardships-a Kongo of rice now sells for N900.00, Beans N1,000, and Garri N700.00 among several other edibles which have gone beyond their reach.