It has been 100 days of torture and hardships for Nigerians-Comrade Emelieze

The 100 days of the present administration in Nigeria have been described as a period of torture, difficulties and hardships. 

This is the submission of a former chairman of the Oyo state council of the Trade Union Congress(TUC) Comrade Andrew Emelieze. ''The first 100 days of this administration have been 100 days of torture, difficulties, hardships, sorrows and lamentations for Nigerians. The administration should come out with distinct and clear-cut policies that will take the country out of the deep pit it now finds itself.'' ''Nigerians are yet to feel the impact of the so-called distribution of palliatives in the states because of the dubious ways these palliatives were shared among those who know themselves. Almost nothing got to the majority of impoverished Nigerians,'' Comrade Emelieze declared.


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