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Ed El Kabir-Share with the Poor-Senator Ladoja to Rich Nigerians

PoorA former Oyo state Governor, Senator Rashidi Ladoja has called on wealthy Nigerians to cater for poor Nigerians this festive period.

Senator Ladoja made this call on Wednesday in an interaction with journalists at his Ondo Street, Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria residence.

''We thank God for witnessing Eid, we pray that we will celebrate more Eids. I will plead with wealthy Nigerians to share with the poor the things they have to celebrate. The times are hard. Let us extend our hands of fellowship to others. I wish Nigerians Barka De Sallah. 

He expressed confidence that the present administration would make a positive impact, saying ''all of us know that we need to readjust and rejig Nigeria. It is now a question of how to redistribute wealth. We assume that he knows what he is doing and he will do well. We will get there.''



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