• Have an Eye for Good Things

    Develop the habit of watching out for good things.
    Always be on the look out  for good attributes, and you are already on the way to cultivating a positive mindset.
    This frame of mind will not only enhance your happiness and efficiency but that of several others.


  • Create Your Circle of Knowledge

    Take the pains to learn something different from the normal stream of happenings.

    Opportunities arise from this source.

    Discover something that is yet to be of common knowledge and start creating your unique circle of knowledge.


  • Be Conscious of Time

    Timing is crucial to success in business.

    Identify a project, work on it and implement it at the appropriate time.

    Let your project revolve around the preferences of customers for you to achieve satisfactory results.

  • Meditation

    Cultivate the habit of meditating 12 minutes each day to develop your brain.

    The benefits of this exercise include greater mental capacity, reduced stress and an increased sense of joy.

    Meditation adequately prepares you for the day's activities.

  • Draw out your Schedule

    For you to be assured of success, draw out your daily schedule. 

    Define each task on your schedule each day and ensure you carry them out for the best results.

    This will give you self-worth and a sense of accomplishment.

  • The Art of Listening

    Explore the potential of listening to achieve success.

    You can generate sales through listening.

    When you have compassion, you will be able to listen. For you to unlock difficult situations, listen.

    Listening makes a difference in every interpersonal interaction.

  • Be Unique

    You have to be unique for you to make headway in your industry.

    You must be creative and extraordinary to come out top in the competition.

    Doing remarkable things in presentations and task delivery puts you ahead of others.

    Ensure that the content of your problem solving is of the same standard as the best in the industry.

    Always identify ways to be different.

  • Making Difficult Decisions

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    Your ability to take difficult decisions would go a long way in determining your survival in business.

    There must be consistency in making decisions considered to be necessary, but unpopular and difficult, timely.

    Decisions such as the shutting down of unproductive branches and the retrenchment of redundant staff should not be allowed to linger for so long.

    Be observant, when you discover that any of your employee is not meeting up to the set standard, it is better to do the needful.

    When you make hard decisions, wrong strategies, the wrong people and the wrong projects are put at bay.

  • People are the First Priority


    To be successful, it is imperative you develop the ability to engage with people, and motivate and inspire them to achieve success.

    Make people the first on your priority list in your line of business. Success and happiness are crucial and intertwined, for the best results in whatever you do.

    However, you must not forget to give adequate attention to your family.

    Interact regularly with your colleagues at the workplace as this brings about the opportunity to discuss prospects, ideas, and suggestions that would put you ahead of competitors.

    Furthermore, interactions serve as forums to set goals and apportion responsibilities and re-emphasize the need for the best practices while on the field.

    The first priority in the workplace is the people. Make yourself always available and accessible to your colleagues and ensure you arrive at decisions collectively.

    Think of immediate solutions to personal problems while ensuring that regular meetings and discussions are held to address challenges. A sustained compassionate leadership would put you at the forefront of your industry. Finally, do not relent to maintain your standard.