• Ramadhan Diet - Day 2 to 5 by Prof. Sabitu Olagoke

    Prof 5Ramadhan Diet Day 2

    The essence of the Ramadhan fast is to reflect on how far we have faired in the areas of the necessary realization of the Oneness of God in our daily and routine activities.


    That is,in thoughts ,words,deeds and actions. For us to be able to keep up with the sacrosanct concept of the Brotherhood essence and maintain good neighborliness.


     Let's use the occasion of this sacred month to make the necessary adjustments.


     Ramadhan Mubarak

    Ramadhan Diet - Day 3

    In this season of arousing our conscience on the issue of the sacredness essence of houses of worship and the state of piety needed for the body of worshippers,let us cleanse our mind and heart from evil thoughts and develop permanently a positive mindset towards all our activities and human endeavors.

    This is how our act of Ibadah in this respect can be relevant to nation building.

     Ramadhan Kareem!

    RAMADHAN Diet  - Day 4

    Are you eligible to observe Saomu Ramadhan? Have you made a firm decision to refrain from all forms of iniquities,sins and crimes?

    Be rightly guided in this sacred month by the Sermons, Tefsir Al-Quran and develop to a pious level,the Spiritual consciousness expected of a good Muslim to be able to be an exemplar of good deeds,whose work shall be respected by society and accepted by the Almighty Allah.

    Let us all work for a beneficial reward from our Creator, the Almighty Allah.

     Reflect on this:Q 41 v 32- 36

    Ramadhan Kareem!

    Ramadhan Diet - Day 5

    Let us all reflect on the content of this admonition of God from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W): "Use the period of the 7th Month of the lunar calendar for body preservation from sins and crimes, for acceptable offer of an act of Ibadah." "Use the 8th Month that is Shaaban, for soul purification from devilish thought processes to be able to realize the need to live by the concept of Puritanism for wholesome state of piety."

    Before you enter the sacred Month of Ramadhan,for the dividend of Ramadhan to be realized,reflect on the provision of Q 91 v 7- 10. May God the Almighty Allah accept our observation of the Ramadhan fast as an act of Ibadah.

     Ramadhan Kareem!

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