Non Academic Staff Union

  • Avoid Partisan Politics-NASU UCH Chairman to Labor Leaders

    Labor leaders have been advised not to be involved in partisan politics as the 2023 general elections draw closer.

    This advice was given by the chairman of the Non-Academic Staff and Associated Institutions Union (NASU), Comrade Kehinde Abiona in a caht wiht People.

    ''It behoves a union leader to be very careful in discussing politics with politicians. These times of political campaigns, politicians are out looking for ways and means to woo workers and trade unions, but after elections they disappear.''

    ''It is not expected of any civil servant to be partisan. You must not carry the toga of any political party. However, trade unionism cannot be separated from politics. We should watch our backs.

    NASU has never been in any secret meeting with any candidate. We only met the Labor party candidate on May day and he signified interest he would like to come around. We in NASU UCH branch, Ibadan have never met any candidate of any political party.

    There is a tiny line between trade unions and political parties,''Comrade Abiona stated.

    In another development, members of the union in UCH, Ibadan at a congress held on Wednesday resolved that general election is the way to go for the union and that  financial members should be allowed to participate in the process of electing leaders in the general election mode and not the process wherein a few elect delegates.

    The congress noted that some Heads of Department were in the habit of handpicking delegates for the union, while also reaching a consensus that the present administration, as led by Comrade J.K Abiona should be allowed to continue the good work it had been embarking on beyond 2023.

    In addition, the congress passed a vote of implicit confidence in the leadership of the union at the state council and national levels under the able leadership of the President,Dr. Barrister Makola Hassan and the General Secretary, Prince Peters.A. Adeyemi.

  • Earned Allowances : Govt Has Taken Care of ASUU and Left us in the Cold-University Workers

    Senior staff of Nigerian universities have expressed reservations over the release of N1.3 billion out of N8 billion the Federal Government agreed to pay as earned allowances to only the academic staff of the University of Ilorin and the University of Nigeria Nsukka(UNN).


    The position of the university workers was made known by the Vice President of the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities(SSANU)Western zone, Comrade Alfred Jimoh.

    ''The information of the release of the allowances to the academic staff of the University of Ilorin and University of Nigeria Nsukka, has got to us. The truth of the matter, is that we have not heared anything about the release of non academic staff allowances. N1.3 billion was released to ASUU, out of N8 billion. The Federal Government has taken care of ASUU and left us in the cold. Government ought to be sensitive enough to take care of us and not the ancillary staff'', Comrade Jimoh concluded.

    In the same vein, Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union(NASU)University of Ibadan branch, Comrade Oluwasegun Arojo has expressed hopes that government would soon release the allowances of the non academic staff.

    ''We are hopeful that anytime soon, our portion will be released, how soon the money will be released, nobody can tell. We are patiently waiting for government to do the needful'', Comrade Arojo stated.


  • Redeployment of Senior and Junior Staff of Nigerian Universities to Education Ministry Imminent

    A systematic dismembering of the  manpower structure in Nigerian universities has began in earnest.

    The plot engineered by some politically exposed Academics, according to investigations is designed to ease out all senior and junior staff in the universities, for the benefit of the academic staff.

    If the plot sails through, the affected staff will then become the financial responsibilities of the Federal Ministry of Education.

    Carefully contrived by a number of academic staff presently enjoying political patronage from high ranking political office holders, the plot will ensure that only lecturers are on the payroll of the universities.

    Well informed sources, insist that senior and junior staff are to be redeployed  to the Federal Ministry of Education, while a few of them would be seconded   to the universities.

    This according to the sources would pave the way for a special salary scale for the  academic staff, while salaries of the others would be determined by the government.

    However, educationists warn that such a plot could destabilize the university system, just as they insisted that those behind the plot were only promoting their selfish interests.

    They berated the President for engaging the services of professionals, who had already led government astray.